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07.3.09 by jewels

I love Skype! It’s the main communication method the she-geeks use to chat with each other. But now thanks to Ring2Skype it’s even more useful. Read on to find out this service can help save you a lot of money.

Skype is great for free PC to PC communication, but you must open your wallet for a Skype-In number to enable your friends to reach you on skype from their mobile or landline phones. Not anymore…

Ring2Skype will give you a free skype-in number, actually they’ll give you multiple skype-in numbers. US numbers are available at this time in: NY CA FL ME.

If you don’t live in one of those states, then obviously it will be a LD call from a landline, but since most mobile phones have unlimited LD it won’t be an issue for your friends to call your skype-in number from their cell.

The number you will get requires an extension, but it’s not really an issue for a cell phone. Just have your friends program a pause or two before the extension number when adding your skype-in to their contacts. I put two pauses into mine and it worked like a charm. I’ll admit I was skeptical about what the call quality was going to be like, but surprisingly it was crisp and clear.

Now where this program really kicks azz is with international numbers. If you have friends abroad, this service offers numbers in a slew of countries, so many I won’t bother listing them. What this means is, you sign up for a skype-in number in your friend’s country and they can call your skype-in number as if it’s a local call. And vice versa, they can sign up for a US skype-in number which you can call toll free from your cell.

In this crappy economy I’ve been reading so many posts by people who have lost their jobs and have had to give up their cells or drastically cut their minutes plans. Some have had to cut phones altogether. How do you job hunt with no phone? For people in these situations this service can be a real blessing.

I’ve also seen a lot of talk from people who have had to cut out their text messaging plans. Now that google labs has pulled the sms feature of gchat, these people are scrambling to find solutions for free online texting. Although there are a plethora of websites that offer free online texting, people are complaining of having real issues receiving texts back. AIM, MSN and Yahoo have texting options in their messenger services, but if for some reason you can’t use those (work restrictions or whatnot) you may want to give textem a try. Once you sign up you are given an inbox, unlike most of the other online text services. Your inbox page will update as replies are received, so your friends will not have issues responding to you. It works via proxy as well, so even if you are just someone trying to find a way around IT policy at work to get your texting done while gchat sms is down, this could be a solution for you. And if you’re someone without a cell, or on restricted minutes plans, using your new skype-in number, you can shoot off free texts to your friends telling them to call you since you can’t dial out for free with skype.

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