Feb 202009

(updated) 02.17.09 by justy

Code has been patched. Privatepics is working on another one & he’ll let us know when he comes across another one ;) It was great while it lasted.

Yes, i know. You are tired of hearing about these sites that offer people access to myspace private profiles or pictures. I, myself, have been a skeptic on the sites. As you can see, we didnt have a pleasant experience with myspacegtx. So, when our users asked us about a site called privatemyspacepics.webs.com we were wary of it. A couple of our users said he was legit, but i needed to know for myself, before i could vouch for him. So, i posted a thread in our forum & said that if he could prove to me personally that he could grab private pics, i would stand behind his site. I got a message today from him stating that he would be more than happy to show me. I could’ve given him any profile, but i used my personal myspace page just to make sure. My profile is marked private, my albums are marked private & i am updated to the 2.0 version. I hear these parameters are hard to exploit, especially since version 1.0 can still easily be exploited -ummmm, nope. I asked for 3 pics & he gave me 5 & they were from different albums, not just one. So, is this guy legit? Most definitely. Do we recommend him? Yep. Now, our motto on she-geeks is, you dont pay for codes. He, however, has played it smart. He has kept the code to himself, so that myspace wont patch it. You cant blame him. He is also a student & has bills to pay, so he is charging for these pics. This person is diligent in protecting their method so it won’t be posted on the she-geeks forum. We respect his right to protect his code in order to keep it working for everyone’s benefit. If you have questions or want to share your story, please go to our forum here: she-geeks.com/forum. I have spoken with him on numerous occassions & i dig him. He is great :) Here’s how the prices work:

10 pictures = $10
for every photo after that = 90 cents
you will get the number of photos in that album too.
if you have a new profile, the amount starts back to $10.

Just tell him friend ID & feel free to ask for specific photos (just send him the guidelines, ie. any photos with profile owner, only ones of profile owner + guy, etc.) She-geeks.com is not responsible for anything that you aren’t satisfied with. We are only recommending him based on our experience with him. He will be on our forum to discuss anything you want to ask. His username is: privatepics. Want the pics? Click here to get them: privatepics@she-geeks.com. Dont forget to come by the forum & say hi :)

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Jul 192008

07.19.08 by justy

This is a continuation of our previous article on Eskobar Cartel/MyspaceGTX. If you haven’t read the original content, click here first.

As you know we previously exposed what we believe to be fraudelent activity by MyspaceGTX, also known as Eskobar Cartel and TixV3. We have since been contacted by Eskobar Cartel and the ensuing conversations became nothing more than yet another fraudalent run around. A person who calls themself Benny, emailed she-geeks & advised us to take down the name Eskobar Cartel. He claimed that Eskobar Cartel is in no way affiliated with MyspaceGTX.

myspacegtx eskobar cartel

According to the research we conducted prior to posting the information on this scam, we knew Benny was trying to decieve us. As you can see, the name Benny is associated with MyspaceGTX. See below:

myspacegtx eskobar cartel youtube bennythecoder

So here was our response to his email including some of the evidence we had to justify our claims:

myspacegtx eskobar cartel

As we were waiting for Benny’s response, we conducted even further research on MyspaceGTX and Eskobar Cartel to find the connection. We also wanted to make sure, that the information we had posted was undeniabley correct. Because if it wasn’t, we would obviously remove it. However, that was not the case. We began more googling and here is what we found. The links below clearly indicate the two companies are connected.













In the midst of laughing our asses off at the information we found, we got a response from Mr. Benny. At this point he changes his tune. Where he previously stated there was no connection between Eskobar Cartel and this “hacking shit”, he now turns around and says there is a connection. He does this in an attempt to decieve us again.

myspace gtx eskobar cartel

By now the two of us are hysterical! And we find it incomprehensible that Benny is assuming we are just some inept females who go telling tales with no valid research to back it up.

myspacegtx eskobar cartel

By this point, we were assuming the issue was finished, as we had told Benny we were standing by our claims and would not adjust our content unless the association between the two sites ceased. But Mr. Benny wasn’t done, here is his unintelligable reply:

myspacegtx eskobar cartel

By now we are getting really tired of dealing with Benny’s run around, so we decided to find the owners of both Eskobar Cartel and MyspaceGTX, as we figured any further communication should take place directly with them. Here is what we found:

eskobar cartel


If you notice in Benny’s email he stated the “temporary domains” were only good for 30 days. But as you can see mmyspaceGTX has been running for 4 months now. This was our final response to Mr. Benny concerning his tall tale.

eskobar cartel myspacegtx

And here are the last two emails Mr. Benny sent. He claimed he would remove MyspaceGTX, however this has not been done. Therefore we have no reason to remove the name Eskobar Cartel from our MyspaceGTX content. As stated in our previous email, we are no longer responding to Mr. Benny.

eskobar cartel myspacegtx

eskobar cartel myspacegtx

As an addendum, rather than removing MyspaceGTX, the site has actually been updated since that email was received. It’s a shame that such a talented web design company chooses to associate themselves with scams. Their site design and graphics are quite good, yet they sully their name with this shady association/colusion with scammers.

As you can see from the following final screenshot, the MyspaceGTX sites email address is clearly associated with Eskobar Cartel.

eskobar cartel myspacegtx

Incidentally, the MyspaceGTX site is now claiming that they are rated #1 by Kuckie Magazine. We couln’t find it, but given their spelling skills, that doesn’t surprise us.

If you run across other Myspace scam sites and would like us to check them out, submit them to info@she-geeks.com and we will look into them.

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Jul 102008

(updated) 07.10.08 by justy

Sneaky people, such as myself, love myspace trackers. We want to know who, when, how & where. I’ve compiled a list of trackers that are legit & how to block them from letting others track you.

geo visitors

Profiletracker.us & Spacesnoop.com currently arent excepting new members, which is unfortunate, bc they are the best ones out, but keep checking back with them. However, the users who have them, like me, can identify the actual pages of myspace members that come to your page, including their registered email addresses & any other profiles that they use on that particular computer (mainly with profiletracker.us). Mixmap has many different trackers that the others do not have. You can put trackers in your myspace images & blogs to see who views it. The trackers with mixmap are “unlimited”…add as many as you want. Createblog, offers the same, but not for an image tracker. My personal recommendation for any chosen tracker, is to grab the “hidden” code. Otherwise, you risk others seeing that they are in fact being tracked on your page. If you do see that you are being tracked, dont worry about it too much. Most people have no clue how to identify IP addresses & therefore, you’re pretty much safe. Below i will list a video javascript tracker that works wonderfully. What it does is, when a user visits your page, it subscribes them to your videos. They have no clue that they were automatically subscribed. Then you check your video subscribers & it will show who visited your page. Enter the following code in your interest’s section & replace the XXXXXX with your friend ID number. If for some reason when you enter in the code & you see a white box on your profile, remove the 0′s in the height & width, but leave the ”” marks & the box on your profile should disappear.

<object TYPE=”application/x-shockwave-flash” data=”http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.ajaxAction&action=UNSUBSCRIBECHANNEL&id=XXXXXXXX” height=”0″ width=”0″ >
<object TYPE=”application/x-shockwave-flash” data=”http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.ajaxAction&action=SUBSCRIBECHANNEL&id=XXXXXXXX” height=”0″ width=”0″ >

to check your visitors, enter this link & remember to change your XX’s with your friend ID number: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.ViewSubscribers&ChannelID=XXXXXX

(update: video tracker is no longer working. myspace filtered it, but you can always use the ones i listed above!) (as of 6/21/08, the video tracker has tracked some hits here & there, but nothing definite.)

Blocking trackers: You must have Firefox as your browser in order for this to work. Firefox is much safer than IE & provides alot more benefits! After you’ve downloaded FF, go to firefox’s addons & install adblock plus. After installing, you will be prompted to restart firefox. Hit OK. This next step may seem tedious, but its not, i promise. Go to this url. This is a link to our forum on how to set everything up, along with the she-geek tracker filter list that you will upload to adblock plus.

P.s. I have heard about the beta myspace application that shows you who visits your profile. Here’s the link: tracker app. Want my opinion? Dont use it. Lately, many apps that uses beta, has major “bugs”! Facebook for example, dont add some application, bc it looks cool or because it promises things. Some work, but some contain malicious “bugs”. Go ahead & add it at your own discretion, but dont say I didnt warn you. If you use the myspace tracker app & have a basic myspace layout, it will show that you have a tracker on your page, but if you have a DIV layout, like me, it will hide it!

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Jul 042008

07.04.08 by justy
Many users on our forum have been scammed by this site. Frankly, as soon as I read their “services”, if you even want to call it that, I laughed uncontrollably. Did you check out their spelling? Come on now! Anyways, they say their service works like this: $6 you get: “How to view private profile ‘instructions’ “, “how to get username & password”, “NO SUPPORT”, & “Hinden friend things”. Check out the spelling :p Anyhoo, $12 you get: “How to view private profile ‘instructions’ “, “how to get username & password”, “48 hour support message back”, “Juno blast 100 private profile views”. Ummm, wtf is juno blast profile views? They fail to mention what that ‘service’ is. And now for the finale, $22 gets you: “How to view private profile ‘instructions’ “, “how to get username & password”, “48 hour support message back”, “Juno blast 100 private profile views”, “TIxV3 private profile program, when abailable”…check out that spelling again my friends. good grief. “GTX Kit”…once again, they fail to provide details on what the heck this kit is. When I click on FAQ’s, it the states, “coming soon”. Under each category they mention “100% safe & legit”. So, here’s my question Myspacegtx, how in the world are you legit? You take people’s money & provide them with nothing! I challenge you to prove me wrong. Now our fellow she-geek Jewels, did the $6 donation just to test it out, bc we had many users on our forum asking us about this site.

Their response to her was:

Eskobar Cartel to XXXXXXXXX

Reply: thank you for you 6 dollar donation

INSTRUCTIONS!!! Here are instructions on how to view private profiles. 1. Build a fake myspace page or copy someone elses myspace page by copying everything (make it look like it a real page) If you are a girl and you want to look at a guys private myspace build a “hot” girls myspace. and make sure you keep it private, so he can be like “who is this?” and he will add you. And its the same thing for a guy ( just the opposite) This will work all the time with anybody. FREE B 1 How to obtain a user name and password: If its someone you really know for example: boyfriend, girlfrind etc, ask them for their email address and password (login info) How? By asking them that you need to use their email because your email is acting up. Most likely they will give it to you with no problem. 2. Now that you have their email and password you can go to myspace and type in their email and go under where it says ” forgot password”. Enter the email you obtained and it will send you the password directly to the email you typed. So now everytime they change their password on myspace you can get it back following the same steps (they will not even notice) Make sure you erase the message you got from myspace with the username and password. REPLACE THE XXXX WITH THE PROFILE ID NUMBER ITS ON THE TOP OF THER PAGE ( THIS CODE ONLY WORK IF PEOPLE IS YOUR FRIEND) How to view hidden comments and hidden friends:

http://comment.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewComments&friendID=XXXXXXXXX&MyToken= .how to view hidden top friends ther all in the first page. http://friends.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewfriends2&friendID=XXXXXXXXXX&MyToken= .VIEW NEW HIDDEN FRIENDS http://friends.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewfriends2&friendID=XXXXXXXXX&view=new&MyToken= thanks for your doantion.. if you dont want to to all this . then please get gtv or a gtx access and will do all the work for you…only gtv and gtx members get a user and password.

Okay, so we had another user give a $12 donation & she got the same email as Jewels. So, what do you think? Scam? I think this site is disgusting. Preying on people who really need this information, is just a disgrace. We call bullsh*t. We offer legit info on our forum about myspace profiles & it’s free. I hope karma bites them in the a**. The user who did pay the $12 donation, after persistence, received a refund, so go after them. They say they will do the work for you -that is also a lie my friends. My two cents: Do not give money to sites like these! Especially, if they offer passwords & usernames. Its bogus & so plain to see. They should come to our site…we’ll teach them a few things. Another bad sign, “eskobar cartel”. Why would anyone donate to a site affiliated with a name like that? Google “pablo escobar”…he was a king pin for a drug cartel named, The Cartel de Medellín in Columbia. Ummm, hope the money isn’t going for anything related to drugs :p What a mindless name to use for a website. Use your head folks…please use your head.

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Apr 012008

04.01.08 by jewels

There are a variety of reasons people may want to keep records of myspace emails. For one thing, when another user cancels their account, poof, their mails are gone. Saving email can be done by copy/paste, but it’s a hassle, and it takes too long. If you want to get in and out quickly, try this method and peruse the emails at your leisure.

To get started you will have to be using Firefox. Now grab this handy addon from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/201

Once you have installed the DownThemAll extension, remember to restart Firefox, and then follow these simple steps to set it up for downloading Myspace mail.
Select Preferences from the dta tools menu:

Select “add new filter”:

Add the following from the screenshot below. You can name the caption whatever you want, but keep the filtered extensions entry the same. Select the Links Filter as in the example.

Now you are ready to download some mail. This filter will work with all areas of the mailbox: Inbox, Sentbox, Saved, and Trash. Select DownThemAll from the tools menu:

Set up as follows:

1: Be sure you are on the links tab
2: Choose your download directory, you can browse from the folder icon. Or you can type in a directory location, and dta will create it, if it doesn’t exist.
3: Type the name you want to save the files with, as the renaming mask.
4: Make sure the only filter selected is the one you created. In this case, “get myspace mail”.
5: You will notice all the emails are highlighted in a separate color. If there are some you don’t want to save, just click the green check to the left of the url to de-select it.
6: Click the start button.
Your progress window will appear during the download and look like this once complete.

Dta will consecutively number each mail you download until you change the settings. Be aware, it does not grab your entire inbox. It only grabs the 10 mails myspace allows on a page. You will have to visit subsequent pages to grab their content in the same manner, but it’s still a hell of a lot quicker than copy and paste!
When you open the emails, they will open in your browser exactly as they appear on myspace. Here is a sample:

Happy downloading !

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