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02.18.09 by justy

you can make any e-mail address you want…
I have been chatting with this awesome guy indagator & he sent me an interesting MSN trick. It’s a pretty cool thing:) Hopefully, it will stay open for awhile. So, here is how you make an msn.com email address instead of hotmail.com:

Simply go to:


1. First start the Internet Explorer & go to: http://get.live.com/getlive/overview and click “Register”.

2. After that copy the the following code:

javascript: var p = ‘fake-msn.’; var ds = new Array(‘dl.am’); for (var i = 0; i < ds.length; i ++){document.getElementById(‘idomain’).options[i] = new Option(p + ds[i], p + ds[i])} alert(‘domains added’);

& paste it into the address bar, after that you can change fake-msn. & dl.am to whatever you want , it will be your email hostname later – press enter.

3. Now check the availability of the adress after you filled in the bar for your nickname. If the address is available, go on & fill in the other fields.

4. Register the Account.

5. Log in to Windows Live Messenger with your new created account.

6. Now if you want to change your nickname you have got to use windows_enabler.

7. To change your nickname, go to the options where you can change your nickname. As you can see you can’t change it, now start the windows_enabler and click on the minimized symbol, it will change to “on”. Now you can click on the nickname bar & you can change your nickname.

8. Now press OK, there will be an error message..ignore it (don’t klick it away). Now logout & login again, the nickname will be changed.

9. done! Now you have your own cutsom e-Mail adress for your MSN account.

Credits to: Msn-fake[.dl.am] | powered by dL.am Free Subdomains

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