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04.02.08 by jewels

I admit it, I’m an addon whore. I love the ability to customize my browser to my liking, and often try new addons to make firefox more useful. Unfortunately, the more addons I use, the slower my browser becomes, so I often find myself disabling some addons to keep Firefox running more smoothly. Below is the list of my “must have” extensions that are required for my daily browsing habits.

My first must have is febe. The purpose of this extension is to backup your Firefox should it go whacko on you. It handles your extensions, themes, bookmarks, preferences, passwords, cookies and even your entire profile. You can customize which parts to backup and/or reinstall through the febe options found in your tools menu. Backups are automatically stored in your My Documents folder. This addon makes it insanely easy to transfer all your Firefox customization to a new computer. Rather than having to manually install your favorite addons, you need only install febe, then load one of your backups and allow it to do the work of customizing your new Firefox installation to your liking.

Must have number 2 is foxmarks. I’m one of those people who prefer having my bookmarks sitting right within my browser. And foxmarks enables me to have access to my bookmarks from any computer running firefox and keeps everything nicely synchronized.

The next extension justy & I can’t live without is cooliris previews. This helpful little tool allows you a preview of any link just by hovering over it, without having to leave the main page or open a new tab/window. It’s become an indispensable part of my daily browsing, especially when previewing results in google. It also allows you to create stacks, and email cool finds with one click. There are a variety of ways to customize its display and features to your liking.

Linkification is my next must have. It converts text based links into clickable links. I find it invaluable when reading forums where people post websites without providing an actual link. Used in conjunction with Cooliris, i am able to view any website recommendations without having to leave the current page.

My next 2 necessities pertain to google. The first is google previews which places a thumbnail view of each search result on the left side of the window. I find it handy to have a mini-view of the website right within my google search results. The second is customize google which has many customization options available, but the ones most immediately useful are google suggest-which gives you search suggestions as you type in the search bar, and competitor links that perform your search on a variety of other search engines. It also allows you to remove google Ads, filter your search results, and automatically access your gmail, google docs, and google reader accounts through https.

I couldn’t survive myspace without greasemonkey. I use several scripts that make navigating myspace much easier and friendly on the eyes. But it’s not just about myspace. There are scripts available for probably any website you use that will make it more attractive and easier to manipulate for your purposes. Go here to check out the wide variety of goodies available for Greasemonkey.

Another myspace essential is adblock. Couldn’t live without it for blocking myspace trackers. Add justy’s link here. But I must have stylish to make it behave to my liking.

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