Jan 172012

You may have heard people talking/blogging/twittering about SOPA — the Stop Online Piracy Act.
Many people don’t truly understand what can go very, very wrong with this proposed Online Act. Please take a moment to watch this video and find out more about SOPA / PIPA Acts – Get Educated!

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Also check out:


How PIPA and SOPA Violate White House Principles Supporting Free Speech and Innovation

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Jan 172012


Mashable Article on “STOP SOPA”

“Sites such as Wikipedia and Reddit are going “dark” this Wednesday, Jan. 18, to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which, critics contend, would compromise the ability of any site that includes outside links to carry on current operations.

Feeling left out? A simple piece of code is helping the entire web (from major sites to even the humblest of Tumblrs) go dark in solidarity. The code, called STOP SOPA, replaces any site’s landing page with a black screen. Using your mouse a flashlight uncovers a message explaining the need to kill SOPA and a link to anti-SOPA site AmericanCensorship.org.”

On the Street: Do You Understand SOPA? [VIDEO]

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Oct 312010

One of my blogs was hit today (Happy Halloween) by this new strain of WordPress Blog attacks.  The Sucuri Team was able to tackle the infection without issue and has posted some good information on the latest version attacking (at this point) Godaddy servers.  Read more below:

“Just a quick update to this blog post: More Attacks – insomniaboldinfocom.com.

We posted a few days ago that attackers were using insomniaboldinfocom.com to spread malware to multiple web sites. Today, they changed domains and are targeting GoDaddy sites usinginsomniaboldinfoorg.com.

The following domains/IP addresses are being used to spread the attack:

http://insomniaboldinfoorg.com/ll. php?k=1

www3.hope-soft57. net
www3.new-protectionsoft23. in
www4.free-pc-protection9. in

http://insomniaboldinfocom.com/mm. php

http://insomniaboldinfonet.com/mm. php

www3.large-defense1. in

All the sites we’ve seen so far have the following code added to all PHP files:


Which is basically just the eval(base64_decode encoded. What is interesting is that this site is hosted at, which was used on previous attacks by the “Hilary Kneber” group, so we think they are all related:

myblindstudioinfoonline. com
meqashoppercom. com
insomniaboldinfocom. com

The following script should clean up any infected site: http://blog.sucuri.net/2010/05/simple-cleanup-solution-for-latest.html

Click this link for more info on Sucuri’s Security Services!

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Jul 242009
07.24.09 by jewels

As you all know, on July 21st we released a new Facebook code found by member AG on our donor’s board, with plans to release it to our private code board 24 hours later. The morning of July 22nd, before I posted it into our private code board, someone here had already leaked AG’s code to another site. Which then leaked it to an additional site. Lord only knows how many it’s on by now….

For those of you who are not taking the time to analyze the situation, allow me to explain it to you. No one has access to codes at she-geeks unless you are a registered member. Why is this? Because we like to KEEP CODES ALIVE! Requiring registration in order to view the code boards keeps search engines and web spiders from being able to access our codes. If our codes were exposed to Google, what would be the point in having them? Once they’re general knowledge on the net, they are quickly fixed.

Now the person who leaked the code, leaked it to a site that is PUBLIC! This site posted AG’s code in both a PUBLIC BLOG POST, and a PUBLIC FORUM POST. The next lulu that took it from there posted it in a PUBLIC BLOG POST, and a PUBLIC FORUM POST. What you need to understand is that sites that give a damn about their members, and their member’s hard work, do not act irresponsibly to destroy that work. Posting codes in places that are publicly available to search engines is exactly how codes get DESTROYED. Any site that posts codes out in the open could care less about the codes-they are simply looking to raise their SERPS and receive “internet recognition”.

I hope you have taken the time read through this, as it is not just a rant. I hope you have a more thorough understanding now as to why we are so adamant that our members keep our private codes PRIVATE. When you share them around the internet, especially to sites like the ones that posted them on the 22nd, you are effectively working to patch the codes. And that is just NOT FAIR to the people that work so hard to find them, nor to the people who so desperately need to use them.

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Jul 212009
07.21.09 by jewels
One of our members has submitted a working code to see pics and comments. It’s available in the donor’s forum now and will be released to the code board tomorrow. It’s a nice workaround now that the photostalker app isn’t working. Get it while it’s hot :)
Edit: 7-22-09 This code has now been released on our private codes board to all she-geeks members.
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