Feb 202009

(updated) 02.17.09 by justy

Code has been patched. Privatepics is working on another one & he’ll let us know when he comes across another one ;) It was great while it lasted.

Yes, i know. You are tired of hearing about these sites that offer people access to myspace private profiles or pictures. I, myself, have been a skeptic on the sites. As you can see, we didnt have a pleasant experience with myspacegtx. So, when our users asked us about a site called privatemyspacepics.webs.com we were wary of it. A couple of our users said he was legit, but i needed to know for myself, before i could vouch for him. So, i posted a thread in our forum & said that if he could prove to me personally that he could grab private pics, i would stand behind his site. I got a message today from him stating that he would be more than happy to show me. I could’ve given him any profile, but i used my personal myspace page just to make sure. My profile is marked private, my albums are marked private & i am updated to the 2.0 version. I hear these parameters are hard to exploit, especially since version 1.0 can still easily be exploited -ummmm, nope. I asked for 3 pics & he gave me 5 & they were from different albums, not just one. So, is this guy legit? Most definitely. Do we recommend him? Yep. Now, our motto on she-geeks is, you dont pay for codes. He, however, has played it smart. He has kept the code to himself, so that myspace wont patch it. You cant blame him. He is also a student & has bills to pay, so he is charging for these pics. This person is diligent in protecting their method so it won’t be posted on the she-geeks forum. We respect his right to protect his code in order to keep it working for everyone’s benefit. If you have questions or want to share your story, please go to our forum here: she-geeks.com/forum. I have spoken with him on numerous occassions & i dig him. He is great :) Here’s how the prices work:

10 pictures = $10
for every photo after that = 90 cents
you will get the number of photos in that album too.
if you have a new profile, the amount starts back to $10.

Just tell him friend ID & feel free to ask for specific photos (just send him the guidelines, ie. any photos with profile owner, only ones of profile owner + guy, etc.) She-geeks.com is not responsible for anything that you aren’t satisfied with. We are only recommending him based on our experience with him. He will be on our forum to discuss anything you want to ask. His username is: privatepics. Want the pics? Click here to get them: privatepics@she-geeks.com. Dont forget to come by the forum & say hi :)

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