Jan 272009

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Wow. There are camera’s everywhere you turn, but guess what project Google is now entertaining? Google Ocean! They are gathering researchers, oceanographers etc. We will now see images from the sea floor :) Though, the resolution may not be that great, it’s still a great idea. They will also be using additional data for currents, weather & reefs. But, think about all the gold at the bottom of the ocean. All the shipwrecks & artifacts….I can hardly wait. Sounds like this data will definitely benefit sea life , so we can make the necessary improvements for our environment. They also want to create a web application where users can navigate below the sea -amazing. I am getting a tad bit nervous on our privacy here though. We have Google Earth & Sky, now this. What’s next? Camera’s in our home? I can see the paranoid schizo’s taking more medication & people looking over their shoulders, wondering if a Google street car has snapped a shot of them. Are they over stepping some boundaries with what should be shown to the world? Or is it going to help shape our world a little better?

….more like a virtual wonder world.

google ocean view

Image via google.com

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