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07.19.08 by justy

This is a continuation of our previous article on Eskobar Cartel/MyspaceGTX. If you haven’t read the original content, click here first.

As you know we previously exposed what we believe to be fraudelent activity by MyspaceGTX, also known as Eskobar Cartel and TixV3. We have since been contacted by Eskobar Cartel and the ensuing conversations became nothing more than yet another fraudalent run around. A person who calls themself Benny, emailed she-geeks & advised us to take down the name Eskobar Cartel. He claimed that Eskobar Cartel is in no way affiliated with MyspaceGTX.

myspacegtx eskobar cartel

According to the research we conducted prior to posting the information on this scam, we knew Benny was trying to decieve us. As you can see, the name Benny is associated with MyspaceGTX. See below:

myspacegtx eskobar cartel youtube bennythecoder

So here was our response to his email including some of the evidence we had to justify our claims:

myspacegtx eskobar cartel

As we were waiting for Benny’s response, we conducted even further research on MyspaceGTX and Eskobar Cartel to find the connection. We also wanted to make sure, that the information we had posted was undeniabley correct. Because if it wasn’t, we would obviously remove it. However, that was not the case. We began more googling and here is what we found. The links below clearly indicate the two companies are connected.













In the midst of laughing our asses off at the information we found, we got a response from Mr. Benny. At this point he changes his tune. Where he previously stated there was no connection between Eskobar Cartel and this “hacking shit”, he now turns around and says there is a connection. He does this in an attempt to decieve us again.

myspace gtx eskobar cartel

By now the two of us are hysterical! And we find it incomprehensible that Benny is assuming we are just some inept females who go telling tales with no valid research to back it up.

myspacegtx eskobar cartel

By this point, we were assuming the issue was finished, as we had told Benny we were standing by our claims and would not adjust our content unless the association between the two sites ceased. But Mr. Benny wasn’t done, here is his unintelligable reply:

myspacegtx eskobar cartel

By now we are getting really tired of dealing with Benny’s run around, so we decided to find the owners of both Eskobar Cartel and MyspaceGTX, as we figured any further communication should take place directly with them. Here is what we found:

eskobar cartel


If you notice in Benny’s email he stated the “temporary domains” were only good for 30 days. But as you can see mmyspaceGTX has been running for 4 months now. This was our final response to Mr. Benny concerning his tall tale.

eskobar cartel myspacegtx

And here are the last two emails Mr. Benny sent. He claimed he would remove MyspaceGTX, however this has not been done. Therefore we have no reason to remove the name Eskobar Cartel from our MyspaceGTX content. As stated in our previous email, we are no longer responding to Mr. Benny.

eskobar cartel myspacegtx

eskobar cartel myspacegtx

As an addendum, rather than removing MyspaceGTX, the site has actually been updated since that email was received. It’s a shame that such a talented web design company chooses to associate themselves with scams. Their site design and graphics are quite good, yet they sully their name with this shady association/colusion with scammers.

As you can see from the following final screenshot, the MyspaceGTX sites email address is clearly associated with Eskobar Cartel.

eskobar cartel myspacegtx

Incidentally, the MyspaceGTX site is now claiming that they are rated #1 by Kuckie Magazine. We couln’t find it, but given their spelling skills, that doesn’t surprise us.

If you run across other Myspace scam sites and would like us to check them out, submit them to info@she-geeks.com and we will look into them.

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