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07.04.08 by justy
Many users on our forum have been scammed by this site. Frankly, as soon as I read their “services”, if you even want to call it that, I laughed uncontrollably. Did you check out their spelling? Come on now! Anyways, they say their service works like this: $6 you get: “How to view private profile ‘instructions’ “, “how to get username & password”, “NO SUPPORT”, & “Hinden friend things”. Check out the spelling :p Anyhoo, $12 you get: “How to view private profile ‘instructions’ “, “how to get username & password”, “48 hour support message back”, “Juno blast 100 private profile views”. Ummm, wtf is juno blast profile views? They fail to mention what that ‘service’ is. And now for the finale, $22 gets you: “How to view private profile ‘instructions’ “, “how to get username & password”, “48 hour support message back”, “Juno blast 100 private profile views”, “TIxV3 private profile program, when abailable”…check out that spelling again my friends. good grief. “GTX Kit”…once again, they fail to provide details on what the heck this kit is. When I click on FAQ’s, it the states, “coming soon”. Under each category they mention “100% safe & legit”. So, here’s my question Myspacegtx, how in the world are you legit? You take people’s money & provide them with nothing! I challenge you to prove me wrong. Now our fellow she-geek Jewels, did the $6 donation just to test it out, bc we had many users on our forum asking us about this site.

Their response to her was:

Eskobar Cartel to XXXXXXXXX

Reply: thank you for you 6 dollar donation

INSTRUCTIONS!!! Here are instructions on how to view private profiles. 1. Build a fake myspace page or copy someone elses myspace page by copying everything (make it look like it a real page) If you are a girl and you want to look at a guys private myspace build a “hot” girls myspace. and make sure you keep it private, so he can be like “who is this?” and he will add you. And its the same thing for a guy ( just the opposite) This will work all the time with anybody. FREE B 1 How to obtain a user name and password: If its someone you really know for example: boyfriend, girlfrind etc, ask them for their email address and password (login info) How? By asking them that you need to use their email because your email is acting up. Most likely they will give it to you with no problem. 2. Now that you have their email and password you can go to myspace and type in their email and go under where it says ” forgot password”. Enter the email you obtained and it will send you the password directly to the email you typed. So now everytime they change their password on myspace you can get it back following the same steps (they will not even notice) Make sure you erase the message you got from myspace with the username and password. REPLACE THE XXXX WITH THE PROFILE ID NUMBER ITS ON THE TOP OF THER PAGE ( THIS CODE ONLY WORK IF PEOPLE IS YOUR FRIEND) How to view hidden comments and hidden friends:

http://comment.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewComments&friendID=XXXXXXXXX&MyToken= .how to view hidden top friends ther all in the first page. http://friends.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewfriends2&friendID=XXXXXXXXXX&MyToken= .VIEW NEW HIDDEN FRIENDS http://friends.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewfriends2&friendID=XXXXXXXXX&view=new&MyToken= thanks for your doantion.. if you dont want to to all this . then please get gtv or a gtx access and will do all the work for you…only gtv and gtx members get a user and password.

Okay, so we had another user give a $12 donation & she got the same email as Jewels. So, what do you think? Scam? I think this site is disgusting. Preying on people who really need this information, is just a disgrace. We call bullsh*t. We offer legit info on our forum about myspace profiles & it’s free. I hope karma bites them in the a**. The user who did pay the $12 donation, after persistence, received a refund, so go after them. They say they will do the work for you -that is also a lie my friends. My two cents: Do not give money to sites like these! Especially, if they offer passwords & usernames. Its bogus & so plain to see. They should come to our site…we’ll teach them a few things. Another bad sign, “eskobar cartel”. Why would anyone donate to a site affiliated with a name like that? Google “pablo escobar”…he was a king pin for a drug cartel named, The Cartel de Medellín in Columbia. Ummm, hope the money isn’t going for anything related to drugs :p What a mindless name to use for a website. Use your head folks…please use your head.

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