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05.21.08 by justy

This fake virus/prank has been out for some time now, but just in case some of you have never heard of it, here’s how to execute it. This prank is hilarious & fun stuff. My roommate had a heartattack. Right click your dekstop -> new -> click shortcut. The shortcut wizard will popup. Here is where you enter the text for the prank: “s” stands for seconds, “t” stands for time, “c” stands for comment (what you want the prank/virus to say). Im going to enter 2000 for the time. You can enter whichever time you prefer. In the comment section, write something clever. My roommate knows im in to hacking & exploits & knows that i “explore” daily, so for the comment i entered: “WARNING! DUE TO RECENT HACKING ACTIVITY ON A MILITARY WEBSITE, WE ARE SHUTTING DOWN YOUR COMPUTER PENDING AN INVESTIGATION. CONTACT WHEELER@FBI.GOV” See example below, notice the new shortcut icon is made:


make sure your comment is in ” “. Click next -> it will then ask you to type in a name for the shortcut. Since my roommate uses internet explorer, I named it Internet Explorer. That way, when she goes to click on the internet shortcut, the prank pops up. See example below:

name for shortcut

Click finish. You will now notice on your desktop, the icon is a blank screen. I, personally, want to change that image of the icon to the real internet “E” image. That way it looks believable. But if you arent using the internet as the prank, you can change it to whichever icon image you would like. So, to change the image, you need to right click the shortcut & click properties. See below:


it will bring you here to the properties screen. Make sure the tab is marked shortcut. Then click change icon & OK. Below:

properties screen

You will then scroll through the images & choose the one you want. I want the IE image, so i’ve selected it & then hit OK:

pick icon image

Hit apply -> then OK. I now see this:

chosen icon

Now, when my roommate clicks on the icon, the following will pop up:


Notice it says the comment i typed in & the time until shutdown. Homegirl flipped out! She’s like, “omg! the FBI is shutting down my computer, bc of hacking! & they are going to think i did it, bc this is my computer!” I said in a panic, “What are we going to do?” She replies, “What are YOU going to do?” She told me she would work on bail money! nice friend right? hahahahahahaha! Now, you are probably wondering, is this a real virus & how do i shut it off? No, its not a virus, but yes, it will shutdown your computer in the time you entered in. But, thats it. It’s just a simple “shutdown command”. Now, to disable it. Go to the start button -> hit run -> type in the following: shutdown -a & hit ok. Boom, its disabled. If you dont disable it & the user clicks on the icon again, it will do the same thing. See how to shut off below:

shut off

If you decide to do the prank, lemme know how it goes :p If you know of any other virus pranks, you can reach me at:

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