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04.01.08 by jewels

There are a variety of reasons people may want to keep records of myspace emails. For one thing, when another user cancels their account, poof, their mails are gone. Saving email can be done by copy/paste, but it’s a hassle, and it takes too long. If you want to get in and out quickly, try this method and peruse the emails at your leisure.

To get started you will have to be using Firefox. Now grab this handy addon from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/201

Once you have installed the DownThemAll extension, remember to restart Firefox, and then follow these simple steps to set it up for downloading Myspace mail.
Select Preferences from the dta tools menu:

Select “add new filter”:

Add the following from the screenshot below. You can name the caption whatever you want, but keep the filtered extensions entry the same. Select the Links Filter as in the example.

Now you are ready to download some mail. This filter will work with all areas of the mailbox: Inbox, Sentbox, Saved, and Trash. Select DownThemAll from the tools menu:

Set up as follows:

1: Be sure you are on the links tab
2: Choose your download directory, you can browse from the folder icon. Or you can type in a directory location, and dta will create it, if it doesn’t exist.
3: Type the name you want to save the files with, as the renaming mask.
4: Make sure the only filter selected is the one you created. In this case, “get myspace mail”.
5: You will notice all the emails are highlighted in a separate color. If there are some you don’t want to save, just click the green check to the left of the url to de-select it.
6: Click the start button.
Your progress window will appear during the download and look like this once complete.

Dta will consecutively number each mail you download until you change the settings. Be aware, it does not grab your entire inbox. It only grabs the 10 mails myspace allows on a page. You will have to visit subsequent pages to grab their content in the same manner, but it’s still a hell of a lot quicker than copy and paste!
When you open the emails, they will open in your browser exactly as they appear on myspace. Here is a sample:

Happy downloading !

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