Apr 042008

04.04.08 by jewels

There are a lot of software programs that allow you remote access to your pc, but now there’s one that lets you access it from your internet connected mobile phone as well. And it’s free! Now you have constant access to your files from anywhere, another pc, mac, or mobile phone. Here’s a shot from my mobile screen when I’m connected to one of my pcs.

avvenu mobile connect to pc

You can download files, upload files, and search your pc with google desktop. You can also set up sharing with your friends. Want to send your latest project to someone but it’s on your pc? Log in from your phone and email a share invitation to your buddy, you can even specify how long access to the file is available. You can set up access to 10 pcs from a free account, so nothing is out of reach. Mine is connected to 2 pcs right now:

avvenu mobile pc

Be aware though, with the free version, the pcs must be on and connected to the internet for access. If you want a higher level of access (read paid) you can sign up for a premium account which will allow you to upload your files for access when your computer is off. The premium accounts also allow access to your itunes, and allows you to store music on their server as well. Check it out at avvenu.

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